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WOMAD 2015


    The forecast was wet

    The weather forecast for WOMAD wasn’t very good this year, but we were hoping that it wouldn’t be too bad as setup day on wednesday promised showers & we didn’t get any.

    Thursday was our first day trading and as expected many people were just getting their bearings around the place, it was an honour that some of our previous WOMAD clients came in again for another session – one lady after she’d put her tent up but not got the rest of her stuff from the car! and we had a few sessions booked for the weekend.

    Friday’s promised showers turned into a continual downpour all day, it was fairly cool (felt more like autumn/winter than July) so not many people were ‘browsing’.  We managed to improvise an awning over the front of our stand, and had a few clients.

    Saturday saved the weekend with a lovely sunny day, also helping to dry out some of the mud in different areas, we had lots of people to talk to & were soon busy helping ease people’s aches and pains with sessions & demonstrations.

    Sunday again promised showers – what would we get?  Pretty wet early in the day which thankfully didn’t deter our booked clients, more people were wandering about as the rain eased later in the day.

    Generally it wasn’t the most enjoyable weekend, being chilly & wet, and certainly packing up and carrying all our stuff through the mud …. yuk.

    However we were able to spread the word about EMMETT Technique & therapies, help people get more comfortable and enjoyed some good music on the Ecotricity stage in the lovely Arboretum.

    We had some lovely feedback from our clients, here’s some we have permission to share :

    “Really relaxing, Thank you!” LM

    “Very gentle & relaxing – seems to have released the pain in my hip” – Fran