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WOMAD 2014


    A great weekend

    We always look forward to WOMAD as a kind of busmans holiday – we thoroughly enjoy the whole weekend.
    This time we were asked to help with lots of different issues – most usually pain in backs, necks and shoulders, to release tension to help some folk relax, to assist with migraines & period cramps.  Thank you to the lovely yoga teacher who I did a quick EMM-Tech release for her knee pain & she came back so excited at the result the day after wanting EMM-Tech course info. Paul also had some interesting issues including hand pain and as often seems to be the case he’s on his knees helping legs, knees & feet.

    We also had some fantastic feedback, thank you to everyone who tried Bow-Emm combined therapy

    “What can I say.  This experience was truly awesome I feel balance, no muscle twinges or stress.  My neck which is particularly susceptable to tight pain, is free & I can shake my head & body & WOMAD like a young sprite
    – Nina (age 64)”

    “Very relaxing – subtle treatment but immediately effective – breathing more deeply, feel less trapped
    Would definitely do again.
    – Karen”

    “Completely brilliant – feeling so much calmer
    Thank you
    – Alicia”

    “Back feels much better after treatment
    Thank you”
    – Nic Hunt

    “Very relaxing & soothing I feel I can move more easily and i am in less pain. Thank you
    – S.Cole”

    “Useful and simple – Thank you” – Jim Astell

    “Really pleased with results in my right shoulder – had stiffness for some time” – LT

    “Amazing – thank you I feel much better” – Donna Downey

    and a lovely one the day after

    “Thank you I feel so much better & no horrific cramps in the night” – MC