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WOMAD 2013

    womad festival, july 2013

    Helping folk enjoy their festival

    We had a great time at WOMAD again this year, all be it a bit wetter – that didn’t dampen anyones enthusiasm

    Thanks to everyone who chose Bow-EMM Therapy to help them our of pain & discomfort, we got some lovely feedback, thank you

    We were also thanked by a couple whose camping companions we had helped get our of pain – so they were all enjoying the festival much more.

    One client reported back that she had been dancing when she was very uncomfortable walking before she had Emmett Technique with us.

    Another client had neck pain & restriction relieved, we also managed to ease a couple of headaches, lots of painful shoulders & backs with a sprinkling of other issues.

    We feel like we make new ‘Womad friends’ during the festival as so many pop back over the 3 days to let us know how they are doing & have a chat – its one of the special things we love about Womad.   

    Also my personal thanks to Paul for treating me with sinus routines & the wonderful homeopath Annie prescribing remedies for what threatened to be a horrendous sore throat with hugely swollen tonsils – thanks to you guys it was gone within 48 hrs – Jill x

    We got some lovely feedback from clients


    “Feel great & more relaxed. Hope my knee stays strong”


    “Felt looser at the end of treatment and would definitely try it again” S


    “Posture better. Pain in lower back decreased”


    “Wonderful – very gentle yet very effective. Lovely sense of wellbeing without being pulled around. Thank You!”


    “Gentle, thoughtful, considerate approach. Marvellous”


    “I didn’t really know what to expect but found the gentleness interesting & refreshing as some therapies are so full on they make my muscle spasm worse”


    All clients feedback is in their own words and published with their permission.
    We wish to stress that our therapies DO NOT treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. Every individual is as unique as are their experiences with our techniques.