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WOMAD 2011

    womad, july 2011

    A new experience for Jill

    Jill was lucky enough to be invited to work with Debbie of dkTherapy at Womad in July 2011.

    We were very busy during the weekend but still got chance to see some bands and explore this world music festival.

    Thanks Debbie

    Feedback from clients at Womad 2011:

    “Very relaxing – thank you” – J.W.

    “I feel much lighter – thank you” R.H.

    “A non-invasive relaxing therapy” – S.C.

    “Feel so calm and relax, feels like I have grown a few inches a very emotional journey. Would recommend this therapist to all my friends and family. It was wonderful having someone understand how I feel and I wanted to hug her forever” – P.S.

    “Thank you, that felt exactly what I needed! A gentle approach but really noticeable effects” – Linda

    “Very Good, not sure what Jill did but it was great Thank You” – Mike

    “A very gentle, relaxing session. Had 1/2 hr of Emmett and it felt good at the end. Time will tell but early signs are promising” – D.A.

    *Mike popped back at the end of the festival still delighted at the benefits of his session