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Wickham Festival 2022

    our favourite festival

    Ideas Fest & Wickham Festival

    This year we got the opportunity to setup for the new Ideas Fest being held in the 2 days before Wickham Festival, so of course we said yes but with no idea what to expect.

    We had some interesting conversations with people attending the Ideas Fest, and interest in our therapy and some good feedback for Paul

    Thursday transitioned from Ideas Fest to Wickham Festival – bring on the music and lovely to see our regular Wickham Festival friends. We were not as busy as hoped, but still had some good results and feedback from those that ventured over to our side of the arena.

    We got some lovely feedback too

    “Felt less pain..”

    “Did not know about this Technique but it works!
    Happy to have discovered it!
    Thank you my neck is happier”

    Sarita, Ideas Fest

    ” Thank you so much!
    I was not expecting such a change in such a short time
    What a relief
    Such lovely people ❤️”

    Anonymous, Ideas Fest

    “Wow – feel much better!
    Overwhelmed by festival noise!
    Thought my head was going to explode”

    Lucy, Wickham Festival

    “It was an honour to be able to help” – Jill

    “Super Interactions 
    – great explanations 
    – restored my faith in going forward”

    Lorraine, Wickham Festival

    I was not sure what to expect but did no shy away!
    I was in a lot of pain & I don’t know what magic they work with it works!
    Thank you so very much”

    Catherine, Wickham Festival

    “Surprisingly Effective 😀”

    PR, Wickham Festival

    “Excellent highly recommend”

    Ann, Wickham Festival

    All clients feedback is in their own words and published with their permission.
    We wish to stress that our therapies DO NOT treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. Every individual is as unique as are their experiences with our techniques.

    Image of Jill on dress down Sunday
    Dress down Sunday, and we were on a slope!
    Image of Paul in kilt and dressed down for Sunday
    Sunday is also Kilt day
    Image of our set-up art Wickham with Paul sat in front on a sunny morning
    Sunny Wickham morning
    Image of Tom Davies band we had to go see
    Tom Davies & the Bluebirds at the Twisted Tearoom.
    Image of sunset on Wednesday
    Wickham’s sunsets Wednesday
    Image of Friday sunset
    Friday Sunset
    Image of Saturday Sunset
    Saturday Sunset
    Last day of Wickham festival sunset
    Last days sunset on Sunday