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Wickham Festival 2021

    Wickham festival, 5-8 august 2021

    “Mud, mud, glorious mud…”

    We were so happy to attend Wickham Festival, it was one of the things we missed the most during restrictions & lockdown. We put up our tent on Wednesday, returning Thursday morning, to set up fully and camp for the weekend.

    This year the whole field was used so there was an unbelievable amount of space for everyone, Thursday evenings opening brought people across to our corner of the field, which was great and after we closed, we could sit in our tent and hear the second stage brilliantly well, which due to problems became the Main stage on Friday.

    Friday’s weather with wind & rain was challenging at times and despite the increasingly muddy field, festival goers came across and some folk wanted to try Bow-EMM Therapies for themselves.

    Saturday morning we woke to water flowing through our tent – so we brewed a cuppa, kept our feet dry and considered what to do when the rain finally stopped! All our floor mats were soaked and thankfully we had fencing to hang stuff on to try to dry and spare tarpaulin to put down instead, reorganised and opened a little later than usual. I think the weather and mud where off putting to a lot of people, so we had less visitors than we hoped but still had a good day, with a great show next to us.

    Sunday again was changeable, so it was really good to have folk visit us, having a tent full of lady morris dancers during a sudden downpour was fun.

    We’d like to say a huge thank you to the organisers & crew of Wickham Festival as well as everyone who visited us, despite the challenges we were so glad to be back doing what we love the best, at our favourite festival.

    Jill & Paul

    thank you for your feedback

    “Absolutely amazing”

    “Really lovely, i feel so relaxed”

    Lisa Sales

    ” Absolutely Amazing”


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    Wicham 2021 setup
    Ready despite the showers
    Jill with client on therapy couch
    Jill with client
    Image Paul with our attempt to protect our space from the wind & rain
    Adapting to the wind & rain
    Our pitch with fairy lights as Paul listens to the bands on the stage at the other side of the field
    Night lights as we listen in
    Fabulous felicity stunts in the mud - amazing
    The show goes on..
    Paul in a dry spell with open field in background
    Paul in a dry spell
    Image of a very wet floor because we got flooded
    Woke up to a flood
    Paul in our tent after we cleared up from the flood
    minimal set up after the flood