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Victorious Festival 2022


    A good weekend in World Music Village

    We were in the World Music Village again this year, directly in sight of the stage and on a corner too, so could open adjacent sides, the weather was perfect for a festival, and so busy with more 70,000 attendees on the Sunday.

    We love the vibe at this festival (see video below) and get to enjoy some good music, great food as well as share our passion with people.

    We got to talk to lots of different people, and quite a lot had sessions with us – thank you so much for trying EMMETT Technique with us – most were short targeted sessions, with a few having the longer full body experience, and I believe all were happy with the differences we achieved with them.

    Thank you so much for the feedback we have been allowed to share

    We got some very kind feedback from these clients

    “Eased shoulder pain..”

    “Relief felt after session”


    “Greatly improved my heel pain
    Thank you”


    “Brilliant treatment, shoulder feels so much better!!
    More balanced in general and feeling of wellbeing 😀”

    Karen Lloyd



    “Eased Shoulder pain
    Thank you”


    Very intuitive”


    All clients feedback is in their own words and published with their permission.
    We wish to stress that our therapies DO NOT treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. Every individual is as unique as are their experiences with our techniques.

    Ready to open
    Image showing how near our stall was to the World music stage
    Near the World Music Stage
    Image of Paul sat in the shaded side of our pitch
    Paul in the shade
    Image of Jill in the sunny side
    Jill on the sunny side
    Jill at victorious
    Paul at Victorious
    image of fatal with aircraft carrier going by in the background
    aircraft carrier cruising by
    image evening colours at victorious with silhouettes of decorations and trees
    Evening silhouettes
    Saturday morning opening vibe