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Ross Emmett & EMMETT Technique videos


    About Ross Emmett founder of EMMETT Technique

    Ross Emmett is a remarkable Australian with an unique set of abilities (some might call it a gift) as a therapist and practitioner; he’s also been an instructor of massage & Bowen therapy, so it’s no surprise that he wants to share the wealth of knowledge about his own very unique technique now known as EMMETT Technique

    In the video below Ross Emmett is talking about and demonstrating his technique. This was filmed at a talk about EMM-Tech in Wales at a Social Care Expo, so most of the audience are involved in caring & nursing professions

    Ross’s time in Mt Isa, serving clients who had come in from the remote Australian outback for relief of pain, encouraged Ross to evolve fast, effective ways of relieving pain that also gave long-term relief – these Ross now teaches as EMMETT Technique – the chameleon approach to the body.

    Ross also taught some of the most useful of these methods to clients in very remote areas, such-as cattle stations, mines or isolated communities, so they could be used as ‘first-aid’ and self help – these have become the EMM-Tech Course which can be learned by anybody to help ease pain & discomfort.  <more about EMM-Tech here>

    Drawing on having been a senior instructor of Bowen Therapy (1997-2006) and years of practical experience, Ross now also teaches his own understanding and interpretation of Bowen Technique as Tom Bowen’s Therapy 101 (TBT)

    Ross positively encourages therapists to integrate EMMETT Technique with their other therapies, to enhance their outcomes by adapting each session to best suit every individual client, so also holds courses in the ways to integrate EMMETT Technique with other therapies including TBT

    <more about Ross Emmett from his website>

    EMMETT Technique demonstration videos from Australian site

    A series of interviews with Ross Emmett (2016):-

    <Man behind EMMETT Technique – youtube playlist>

    EMMETT Technique is a safe & simple bodywork therapy developed by Remedial Therapist Ross Emmett. It is used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement and can restore a positive emotional state.

    EMMETT Technique is really best experienced or seen, so here’s a selection of demonstrations from one of Ross Emmett’s talks on ET-UK