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Havant WellBeing day

    wellbeing day, civic plaza, havant, sept 2018

    Update Sept 2018:

    We had a quite busy day at Havant Civic Plaza, with most of our appointment slots being filled, and a few who just popped by to see what it was about, who we managed to squeeze in so they could experience EMMETT Technique.

    Thank you to those who came to have a session with us, I think we made a difference to most people and have seen a few again since then.

    Again thank you so much to Neill for organising the day

    Jill & Paul

    We got some very lovely feedback from these clients

    “..felt the difference instantly..”

    “I have always had a very stiff neck & shoulders and after just 10 mins, they both felt very loose so much so they could’ve drifted off!
    Thank you so much”

    Tracey B

    “Very please with the treatment”


    ” Amazing I felt the difference instantly. I’d never heard of Bow-EMM but now I wan to know / learn more. Thank you for fixing me today”


    “Felt very relaxed with Jill and surprised that I felt an improvement”


    “Lovely feeling of release in my neck & shoulders. Looking forward to sorting out my lower back”


    All clients feedback is in their own words and published with their permission.
    We wish to stress that our therapies DO NOT treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. Every individual is as unique as are their experiences with our techniques.

    Friday 7th September 2018,  10am – 3pm

    at Hurstwood room, Havant Plaza, Civic Centre Rd, Havant, PO9 2AX

    Pain?   Discomfort?  Stressed?

    Try Bow-EMM Therapy with Paul & Jill Dagless

    We believe that many can have less pain, easier movement, better physical balance, and that, using EMMETT Technique & Bowen Therapy uniquely combined for you, common tensions & stress may be released from your body, gently and quickly

    Book your session at this special event, with Paul or Jill, choosing from:

    • EMMETT Technique sessions  – £10
      these EMMETT Technique sessions are targeted to a specific single issue, usually seated or standing
      approx 10-15 mins
      (if you have more than one issue please book a Bow-EMM combined session)
    • EMMETT Technique Lymphatics session – £30
      An EMMETT Lymphatic Drainage session may: Ease sinus conditions. Boost the immune system. Reduce inflammation & improve healing. Help regulate bowel movements. Assist with fluid retention. Increase energy levels. Aid relaxation
      This relaxing half-hour treatment involves the application of light touch combined with gentle rhythmic movements to stimulate the lymphatic system
      approx 20-30 mins
    • Bow-EMM combined therapies session –  £30
      combines EMMETT Technique with Bowen Therapy, uniquely for you addressing your whole body to achieve a positive result in your session. To ease pain & discomfort. To improve physical balance & stability. To make movement more comfortable. To simply relax & release tension.
      approx 20-30 mins

    Book now

    Jill Dagless: call or text on  07740190721 – email

    Paul Dagless, call or text on 07764488329 or email

    Payments by cash preferred.
    If you want to pay by card this must be arranged in advance at time of booking.

    With thanks to Neill Payne for organising this event