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Garden Show 2011

    Garden show, stansted house, june 2011

    A memorable demonstration

    Jill & Paul were at The Garden Show on 10-12 June 2011 at Stansted House, Rowlands Castle.

    Despite the (cold & wet) weather we spread the word about Emmett Technique, giving demonstrations and Emmett Sessions – I think the word this weekend was ‘AMAZING’ heard it loads of times from clients accompanied by a few ‘wows’ from the onlookers.

    My most memorable were

    – the expressions on a chap’s face, who’s backache I eased with Bowen, with the words “Really? it’s really that simple?”

    – the lady with back pain who ‘grew’ with the Emmett release and the pain was gone

    Thanks to everyone who tried Emmett Technique

    – Jill

    Comments from some of our clients:-

    “Instant relief – amazing!” – G.G

    “Very relaxing. Feel a bit better” – MrG

    “Much needed! Thank You! Will recommend!” – V.F