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Garden Show 2018

    Garden show, stansted house, june 2018

    Fabulous weather for the show

    We had a great weekend at The Garden Show, the weather was fabulous and we were busy each day sharing EMMETT Technique and Bow-EMM therapy sessions, with new people, other traders as well as  some of our ‘regulars’ from previous events.

    Thank you all, we had some lovely feedback that we can share (see below), the one that touched me most was the lovely lady who was delighted she would be able to brush her hair again, after working with her on a restricted shoulder.

    It’s always an honour to be able to make a difference and help folk be more comfortable.

    We got some very kind feedback from these clients

    “Felt less pain..”

    “Amazing difference in 10 minutes. Able to lift my arm higher”


    “Lovely – Hit the spot. Immediate !!”


    ” Wow No more pain. Will be paying a visit again”


    “Very relaxing and made me feel more balanced & less achey”


    “Going home a ‘new woman’ as usual. Lovely therapy with lovely people. Highly recommended”


    “Very comforting, well explained”


    All clients feedback is in their own words and published with their permission.
    We wish to stress that our therapies DO NOT treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. Every individual is as unique as are their experiences with our techniques.
    Think we’re ready Paul
    Jill with client already
    Paul with client
    Jill with another client
    Featured in the Show Guide
    Sunday Jill & Paul ©Tony Woodisse
    Paul working ©Tony Woodisse
    © Dawn Gracie