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Our EMMETT Journal

We started our Emmett journey way back in 2009, and as we speak to people realise how fortunate we’ve been to do so much training directly with Ross Emmett himself, so I’ve compiled a list of all the training we’ve done.

July 2022 – EMM-Tech Tutor Training with Lesley Salt – Jill & Paul

After a break (for obvious reasons) we’ve refreshed our training to share the magic of EMM-Tech with the community. It was also great to catch up with some of our EMMETT friends from courses over the past.
Although it was a baking hot day – we all survived and are ready to offer EMM-Tech short courses again.

November 2021 – Advanced Lymphatics with Anneke Loode & Tony Sherry – Jill & Paul

Advanced Lymphatics Workshop This 2 day course aims to give a more focused approach to the Lymphatic drainage sequence as it has a major influence on the functioning of all body systems including the nervous, muscular, lymphatic, digestive and immune systems. Prerequisite is EP1″

See our post on Advanced Lymphatics course

August 2019 – Pelvic Care with Ross Emmett – Jill & Paul

“Pelvic Care Workshop builds on the success of the work from EP3 and focuses on issues which are applicable to both men and women – bladder and bowel issues, anal leakage, as well as more specific gender related problems – menstruation issues, ovary pain, vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction and more.”

An important day because many of these issues can have serious impact on our clients quality of life.

Pelvic Care with Ross Emmett

August 2019 – 7A’s with Ross Emmett – Jill & Paul

“The 7A’s is one of Ross’s favourite workshops where he shares his understanding of the non physical triggers to healing and how you can make the best of every element of your interaction with your clients.”

This was a fabulous day where we learnt a bit more about ourselves and how we interact with other people especially our clients

7A’s with Ross Emmett August 2019

July 2019 – EMMETT EP6 with Sue & Lesley – Jill & Paul are now Advanced Practitioners

Advanced EMMETT Technique Practitioners

Finally we gained our Advanced EMMETT Technique Practitioner certificates on EP6, it was a very interesting 2 days, great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones, especially when we went out for a Curry on the first evening.

Class of EP6 July 2019

We practiced some new release and combinations, as well as worked through series of summaries of most of the major work from previous courses, more releases for various areas of the body as well as learning more about Ross’ Handshake – some insight into how he can assess a person by a simple handshake

May 2018 – EMM-Tech Tutor training with Sue & Lesley – Jill & Paul

It’s always good to refresh and refine our teaching of the EMM-Tech Course.

February 2018 – EMMETT EP5 with Sue & Lesley – Jill & Paul

Class of EP5 February 2018

Such a good two days with Sue & Lesley teaching their first EP5 Course, renewing friendships and making new friends.
We learnt more new releases and combinations, including for lower body, as well as shoulders & back

November 2016 – EMMETT Women’s Health workshop with Ross Emmett – Jill

Womens Health with Ross November 2018

This was a special Women only course to look at and practice how we can help Women’s Health issues, which has given added confidence in using releases to help with ‘ladies issues’

May 2018 – EMM-Tech Tutor training with Sue & Lesley – Jill

This is a required refresher course to be able to continue to offer teaching the EMM-Tech Course.

August 2016 – EMMETT EP4 with Sue & Lesley – Jill & Paul

Class of EP4 August 2016

We had an amazing couple of days on EP4, working with some really excellent EMMETT practitioners.  Sue & Lesley do a superb job passing on Ross’s technique.
We looked at how best to assist issues in areas of low back, pelvic, neck, jaw & face, lower arms and lower legs

April 2016 – EMMETT EP3 with Ross Emmett – Jill & Paul

Class of EP3 with Ross April 2016

Paul & I have been on EMMETT Advanced practitioner training, this time taking EP3 with Ross Emmett.
We learnt some fabulous new releases that may assist issues including ‘ladies issues’ (ask me) and of course ‘mens stuff’ (ask Paul!), neck, ankle and even eyesight, with a quick relaxation sequence for the whole body

Emmett Technique may be beneficial for so many issues

Oct 2015 – EMMETT EP2 with Sue & Lesley – Jill & Paul

Class of EP2 October 2015

Paul & I have been on EMMETT Advanced practitioner training, this time taking EP2 with Sue Gassick & Lesley Salt.
We learnt some new releases & looked at series of releases that may be beneficial for back cramp, hip joint & inner thigh pain, neck pain, uneven shoulders & twisted hips, achilles & heel pain and to free up ankles & knees, even releases that may improve hearing.

Nov 2015 – EMMETT 4 Animals (Dogs) Practitioner with Andy Eckley – Jill

Sept 2015 – EMMETT 4 Animals (Dogs) lvl 3 with Andy Eckley – Jill

June 2015 – EMMETT 4 Animals (Dogs) lvl 2 with Andy Eckley – Jill

April 2015 – EMMETT 4 Animals (Dogs) lvl 1 with Ross Emmett – Jill

EMMETT4Dogs #1 with Ross Emmett April 2015

Working with animals brings a whole new dimension to seeing how EMMETT Technique works & has given me renewed enthusiasm to assist humans & animals

Nov 2014 – EMMETT EP1 with Ross Emmett – Jill & Paul

EP1, Jill & Paul with Ross Emmett Nov 2014

One of our great pleasures is to attend training together, yet we don’t work with each other in classes as we get to do that at home, so we try to meet & work with as many different people as possible.

EP1 brought a even more to assist people quicker and for deeper issues.

Ross shows us how to integrate the spine for clear communication and stability within the body, releases for discomfort after eating, reflux, and breathing restrictions, for hamstring & sciatic like pain, and more jaw work.

July 2014 – EMM-Tech Tutor training with Sue & Lesley – Jill

A great day meeting other EMM-Tech tutors from across the country & to review our tutoring skills to meet Ross’s standards

April 2014 – Beyond 7A’s with Ross Emmett – Jill

Beyond the 7A’s April 2014

Beyond the 7A’s is a attendee driven workshop where Ross expands our understanding of the non-physical elements of Emmett Technique, to improve our clients experience

April 2014 – Bowen/EMMETT Integration Masterclass with Ross Emmett – Jill

This was a very special day where Ross demonstrated more about how to integrate EMMETT Technique, this time with Bowen Technique – all targeted at getting the best results for the client.

Nov 2012 – TBT101 practitioner with Ross Emmett (2 days) – Jill & Paul

TBT101 Practioner with Ross Emmett Nov 2012

Nov 2012 – EMMETT Client Clinic day with Ross Emmett – Paul & Jill

Nov 2012 – EMMETT Practitioner (Mod 6 review) with Ross Emmett – Paul

EMMETT Client Clinic Day Nov 2012

Sept 2012 – EMMETT Technique Mod 6 with Sue – Paul

Aug 2012 – EMMETT Technique Mod 5 with Sue – Paul

April 2012 – TBT101 with Ross Emmett (3 days) – Jill & Paul

This was very special to be able to learn directly from Ross Emmett how he understands & uses Bowen Therapy, the understanding conveyed transformed the way I work and gave Paul the confidence to do more sessions on a therapy couch.

Nov 2011 – Integrating EMMETT with Ross Emmett – Jill & Paul

Ross Emmett sharing how Emmett can be integrated into therapists existing modalities – filled with demonstrations, discussions and practical work.

Oct 2011 – EMM-Tech Tutor training (2 day) with Ross Emmett – Jill

This was a residential course held in Dublin being trained directly by Ross to share his technique, we learnt so much about being a tutor responsible for sharing Ross’s work and were also able to spend time with Ross outside the classroom, where he shared many of his famous stories about his life – truly a privilege

Aug 2011 – EMMETT Practitioner (Mod 6 review) with Sue – Jill

July 2011 – EMMETT Technique Mod 6 with Regi – Jill

July 2011 – EMM-Tech Tutor training with Sue – Jill

Teaching the moves is quite different from being a therapist, but Sue made it less scary & build confidence in how to share EMM-Tech the ‘Ross’ way.

April 2011 – EMMETT Technique Mod 5 with Sue – Jill

April 2011 – EMMETT Technique Therapist with Sue – Jill & Paul

June 2010 EMMETT Mod 4 with Regi – Jill & Paul

May 2010 EMMETT Technique Mod 3 with Sue – Jill & Paul

April 2010 EMMETT Technique Mod1-2 with Ross Emmett – Jill & Paul

After being blown away by the EMM-Tech we signed up for the practitioner training & were so surprised that Ross Emmett himself was leading the course in Leek Wootton.

Sept 2009 – EMM-Tech with Sue Gassick – Jill & Paul