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Learn a fantastic new skill

EMMETT Technique
(4 Humans)
1 Day Workshop


Don’t just ‘kiss it better’ – make it better!
Learn EMMETT Technique’s instant releases for muscle tension


Workshop Dates Portsmouth

We have no dates at the moment,
but we are holding courses by request

Workshop cost £130*

includes £30 non-refundable booking fee

Click here for EMMETT Technique Workshop Registration Page

Workshop cost £130

£130 *includes £30 non-refundable booking fee

Workshop information

  • Includes full colour training manual
  • Practice and experience 11 release to ease pain & discomfort
  • All workshops held in Southsea from 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Small groups – minimum 2, maximum 4 -means you get lots of individual tuition
  • *held in my home with resident cat
  • scroll to participant information at bottom of page for further details

Dates not suitable? Want to learn with friends?

Have a Workshop for 2-4 people, with us in Southsea, on a date to suit you email Jill directly

emm-tech courses

Why choose us for One Day Workshop

Hands-on learning

We guide you through every release so you’re confident to use EMMETT Technique.

Small Groups

We prefer a maximum of 4 participants, so you get lots of support and individual attention.

Dates to suit you

With a minimum of two participants, we can even hold a course on a date to suit you and a friend.


Ross Emmett talking about EMMETT & EMM-Tech Courses

Ross Emmett talk at Social Care Expo, Wales – 2012

Ross goes straight in demonstrating an arm release along with other releases you will learn on the EMMETT Technique Workshop.

Ross also talks about himself, his history & many of the principles involved in his EMMETT Technique, about creating change to benefit quality of life.
This was filmed at a talk about EMMETT Technique in Wales at a Social Care Expo, so most of the audience are involved in caring & nursing professions


Releases to ease common pain & discomfort

Learning EMMETT Technique gives you the ability to help ease pain & discomfort simply by using your finger tips :

  • ease neck pain and movement restriction – make it easier to look around
  • ease shoulder & arm pain – make overhead movement & tasks easier
  • ease restrictions to arm movements – make it possible to reach up or behind
  • improve grip strength & the ability to hold things, like open lids and caps.
  • help to make breathing easier – so very useful also helps to calm anxiety
  • make bending up, down &/ over easier – getting in & out of chairs, climbing stairs & steps, picking things up
  • ease lower leg issues like aching feet  – also ease fluid retention of knees & ankles
  • improve physical balance & stability – builds confidence for walking out & about
  • most releases you can do on yourself as well as on family & friends.

This EMMETT Technique 4 Humans Workshop is a one day of hands-on work to teach you several releases, simply using your fingers & thumbs, to ease pain & tension that will often help make movement better & a body more comfortable. These releases are some of the most useful EMMETT Technique releases and can be taught to the general public for use on yourself family & friends. For  therapists, carers, health or fitness professionals this course is a great introduction to the EMMETT Technique and you can use the skills learnt on this day straight away.

This eight-hour course is full on and is tutored by Jill (trained & authorised by Ross Emmett & Emmett-UK), who is usually accompanied by Paul (fully qualified Advanced EMMETT practitioner), which means lots of help & practice to get you confident in using these releases straight away at home or in your practice.

Like all tutors, I use simple terminology and give detailed demonstrations of every release, you then get hands-on practice, with guidance as needed, making it easy to learn. No anatomy and physiology or special education is needed, just enthusiasm & willingness to learn and have fun.

Release for arms, legs, neck and shoulders releases are included in this course, and the great thing with EMMETT Technique is that these often work very quickly with tight or painful areas so we often witness almost instantaneous change among the groups we tutor (for example see the video of Ross above)


“..proof that simple things are so effective”

“Great to learn this technique to add to my other therapies, quick to learn & it works!  Well presented, Jill adapted the Course to the way of learning with us that helped to pick up the techniques and understand quicker.  Would do another with her”


“This Course was absolutely amazing.
Very informative and extremely interesting
As a Massage therapist this will be a definite enhancement to my therapies”


“I’m interested in EMM-Tech to help others and myself with everyday aches & pains
I enjoyed the proof that such simple things are so effective.”



About EMMETT Technique

We get lots of questions about my workshops and hopefully this will answer some of the most common ones –

EMMETT Technique is for every adult that want to help others

EMMETT Technique is for anybody and everybody who wants to help others.  We do do quite a bit of kneeling/sitting on the floor practicing releases using finger & thumbs, so some physical mobility is helpful as well as wearing light, loose clothing too. We also ask that participant have very short fingernails, to get the very best results.

EMMETT Technique 4 Human Workshop is NOT a professional qualification

The EMMETT Technique Workshop on its own does not constitute a professional qualification, but is allowed by various professional bodies for CPD & is a great introduction to the full practitioner training. For up to date information contact your organisation directly.

It also serves as a great introduction to EMMETT Technique for therapists and other professionals

Need a different date – bring a friend and hold a course at our place

If you would like a different date, and can organise a minimum of 2 participants (maximum 4)  then we will arrange a date suitable for your very own EMMETT Technique Workshop at our place in Southsea. The course includes 8 hrs of tuition and your training manual.  Contact me to start the ball rolling

Co-ordinate and host a course at you own venue.

If you would like me to bring the EMMETT Technique 4 Humans Workshop to you at your location, and have a suitable venue with enough space, the minimum number of participants is 6, the maximum 10.
The course includes 8 hrs of tuition and a training manual.  Contact Jill to book.

Refresh you skill with big discount

Repeaters of all EMMETT Technique 4 Human Workshops (formerly EMM-Tech course) get a 50% discount, it’s a great way to refresh your skills – please contact Jill directly for how to receive your discount

Workshop Dates Portsmouth

We have no dates at the moment,
but we are holding courses by request

Workshop cost £130*

includes £30 non-refundable booking fee

Click here for EMMETT Technique Workshop Registration Page


EMMETT Technique Workshop Confirmation & Cancellation Fees

*Course includes £30 non-refundable booking fee

Course confirmation

On the rare occasion the minimum number of students have not booked for a date, the course will be cancelled, this will be no later than 14 days/2 weeks before the course date.

Cancellation Fees:- Cancelled by participants:

  • more than 21 days before the course: refund will be payment made less the non refundable booking fee*.
  • between 21 – 8 days of the course: 50% of the full course payment made will be refunded
  • within 7 days of the course: No refund will be given
  • for non-attendance: No refund will be given

Course Cancellation:

In the unlikely event that the course does not go ahead, you will be offered an alternative date, or a refund less the booking fee* where payment has been made.

Emmett Therapies UK  ask us to collect data about EMM-Tech participants, please visit Emmett Therapies UK for their data policies.

Disclaimer: The EMMETT Technique is not intended to replace or substitute any medical advice or treatment. It is recommended that you consult your General Practitioner about any health concerns

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