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EMMETT Technique in the workplace

    On site EMMETT Technique for your well-being program, staff rewards, workshops & conferences, special and outdoor events

    Do you need a reward for your staff,
    a valuable addition to your well-being program
    or something to add value to your clients or event?

    We can supply remedial 10 – 20 minutes sessions and no matter whether you are at an office with staff requiring EMMETT sessions at their desks, or an industrial site, arranging a corporate day, or implementing a regular EMMETT Technique service…we can help.

    We will assist your team members with an individually tailored EMMETT session, addressing major areas of pain and discomfort such as the neck, shoulders, arms and wrists and back.

    Get fast results for your employees and reduce your workplace injury rates and staff absences.

    What is EMMETT Technique?

    EMMETT therapy is a quick muscle release technique that can be easily performed while the client is fully clothed and either seated, standing or lying down.
    This technique has been known to reduce chronic pain, increase mobility and increase the range of movement in people of all ages.  It is a quick efficient technique that can be performed in the workplace or in a clinic environment.  It has been known to radically reduce the incidence of headaches/migraines, frozen shoulder, lower back pain and the list goes on.
    By introducing this treatment into your wellness program at your workplace it can not only reduce pain and discomfort, and therefore the risk of injury to your employees, but also increase performance and productivity.

    Practitioner workplace visit:
    As qualified EMMETT Practitioners we (Jill and/or Paul) can provide onsite assessment, treatment and ongoing maintenance as necessary to your employees, which will

    • address specified areas of concern.
    • be 5-15 minutes in duration.
    • mostly be given in a seated position
    • be non-invasive and generally performed fully clothed.
    • have no downtime – The employee is able to return to work immediately

    EMM-Tech Course

    Where standard first aid courses cater to an acute medical issue or injury such as cuts, abrasions, burns etc the EMM-Tech Course may be considered ‘first-aid for muscles’ that will give attendee’s the skills to assist with many aches, pains, mobility and flexibility issues that your employees can experience every day.

    Jill is a qualified EMM-Tech tutor who can bring these skills to members of your workforce.

    As therapists experienced in using EMMETT Technique at events, festivals, workplaces and wherever we can help people we are experienced in delivering shorter sessions in various environments.