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Emmett 4 Animals

    EMMETT Technique is not only for humans

    Emmett Technique for Animals (Dogs & Cats)

    I am now able to offer your four-legged family the benefit of EMMETT Technique as a qualified EMMETT 4 Animals practitioner.  Dogs especially benefit from EMMETT to revive their ‘bounce’ and enthusiasm for life.  I was particularly surprised by how much more comfortable all the animals we trained with seemed after our practice session & they all seemed to enjoy it, even though most didn’t have significant issues it was especially noticeable in the older dogs.

    EMMETT Technique is so beneficial for most animals to make them more comfortable, restore some of their previous flexibility & agility, as well as assist getting over injury & surgery, or just making older age a little more comfortable.

    Call Jill on 07740190721 for more details.

    Why train in Emmett 4 Animals?

    As well as having a cat at home, occasionally I get a lot of attention from clients pets when I visit their homes, from dogs as well as cats, some who try to jump onto their owners while on the therapy couch!

    I wanted to know what I could do to safely treat them with EMMETT Technique, in 2015 I got chance so took the plunge taking the EMMETT 4 Dogs course, qualifying at the end of the year.

    Of course I had to practice on our cat at home and could see the benefit for him as a rescued cat.

    I also feel that working with dogs has benefitted my EMMETT Technique practice with humans, I feel honoured to be able to assist pets.

    Update 2017 : I no longer offer a mobile home visit service.