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EMM-Tech September 2011


    My first EMM-Tech Course

    A small pair students and we had a lot of fun learning EMM-Tech

    I received a lovely email from Rhodri a couple of days later:

    “It just got better & better…”

    Dear Jill

    A quick email to say “Thank you very much!” for the two four hour courses I attended recently.

    I must admit, I wasn’t too sure what to expect but certainly came away with some rather interesting results.

    Unknown to you, and the other course attendees, I had a bad shoulder injury (rotator cuff) from a sports type injury 9 months ago. After physiotherapy and much painkilling medication I resigned myself to live with it. I basically got used to it each day and dealt with the pain. Simple acts of putting on a shirt or tying shoelaces was painful – sometimes excruciatingly so.

    After the last session when you demonstrated the ‘pec and bicep move’ within 15 minutes I felt the benefit.

    It just got better and better! As I left the course I noticed that I could tie my shoelaces without pain. As soon as I was home I was mowing the lawn again without pain – it felt as though I’d taken a painkiller – it was that profound.

    I cannot thank you enough for the imparted knowledge, but more importantly, I saw first hand how powerful these techniques are.

    I shall be spreading the word.

    With very best regards



    “Great to learn this technique to add to my other therapies. Quick to learn and it works
    Well presented. Jill adapted the course to the way of learning with us which helped to pick up the techniques and understand quicker.
    Would do another with her”

    All feedback from the EMM-Tech courses is anonymously given, so participants can be honest