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EMM-Tech October 2022


    Returning to sharing EMM-Tech

    This was my first EMM-Tech Course after a break of a few years, so I was quite nervous beforehand, and afterwards realised I should do much more preparation for the next one, to make it even better especially recounting Ross’s stories.

    We had a lovely group of ladies who we thoroughly enjoyed sharing EMMETT Technique with, and got to demonstrate the differences of touch and how important short fingernails are to getting results, especially when starting out.

    After lunch one lady felt unwell, so decided to leave early – we will catch her up when she’s ready – so I adapted the practices for the three remaining ladies.

    Helen thought that the practical work “was more than excellent” – thank you for your feedback 😃.

    It was a pleasure to share EMM-Tech with you and hope that some of you go on the the practitioner courses to add to your skills.

    REVIEWS BY participants

    Don’t take our word for it!

    After trying the technique as a client – I was blown away and wanted to learn myself

    I enjoyed all aspects of the day


    This Course was absolutely amazing.
    Very informative and extremely interesting
    As a Massage therapist this will be a definite enhancement to my therapies

    Helen Marley

    I enjoyed meeting Jill & Paul and the other participants on course, learning a new skill to enhance my current holistic therapies