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EMM-Tech November 2015


    An enthusiastic participant

    We had such an enthusiastic booking for this course that Paul said we should run it for this lovely lady.

    I used Paul for demonstrations, then he partnered up for practice work, so was a lot of EMMETT Technique on him for one day.
    I also participated in the practice as I know how differently Paul & I respond to the same releases, (and we so needed some of those releases) to give loads of hands-on as well as examples of responses to this work.

    We had a fabulous day which absolutely flew by sharing the work we love, along with lots of ‘EMMETT stories’ as well as life stories, so much laughter was shared.

    Baci (the cat) decided during the afternoon to come out from hiding to keep a watchful eye on proceedings (to make sure we were doing it right no doubt!)


    “Brilliant course thank you!”

    “Excellent well paced engaging content  Brilliant course thank you!”

    We think you had a lovely touch and will make a great EMMETT practitioner

    All feedback from the EMM-Tech courses is anonymously given, so participants can be honest