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EMM-Tech May/June 2017


    Courses held for Waterlooville FHT group

    After a very successful talk for a local FHT group a few months back, we’ve held a couple of EMM-Tech courses for those interested in learning more.

    We’ve thoroughly enjoyed sharing these useful EMMETT Technique releases with 2 groups of lovely ladies & sincerely hope that it has encouraged some to go further onto the EMMETT practitioner courses.

    On one course Paul helped a lady as she had a hearing issue at the beginning of the course, at the end of the day she said she could hear everything better, which made it a much easier day for her – it’s amazing what EMMETT Technique can assist!

    We had fun and lots of ‘wow’ and ‘I don’t believe it moments’, other reactions and delight are contagious and always make us smile, one of the reasons we love sharing Emmett.

    We got some very kind feedback from these courses

    “It literally was MAGIC…”

    “very interesting informative day”

    “Really enjoyed the whole day.  It was done at a good pace & seeing is believing – or was it voodoo?  Amazing practicing the movements & seeing & feeling the difference”

    “good practical work”

    “Friendly atmosphere – delivered in a laid back manner, will recommend to others”

    “what a wonderful beneficial day the practice session helped my body movement, but better than that to see effects on others was so rewarding”

    “I have had a brilliant day. It literally was MAGIC even though I’ve seen it with my own eyes I can’t believe it”

    “this is a course which covers a lot in one day. I will need a lot of practice before I feel confident to work on clients”

    All feedback from the EMM-Tech courses is anonymously given, so participants can be honest