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EMM-Tech July 2015


    3 is a magic number…

    What a brilliant day we had sharing Emmett Technique with 3 lovely ladies on the EMM-Tech Course.

    For the first time we held the course in our little flat (aka ‘The Hobbit Hole’) so I was extra nervous even though we’d set up a more high-tech presentation (thanks Paul)

    We were soon in the swing of things with lots of questions, stories & anecdotes and into the actual practical – where everyone was creating big changes in each other from the very first release – it was so much fun and much more like playing than learning.

    I nearly had to send out Paul to search for the ladies who took a quick trip to All About Tea at lunchtime for some air & sunshine, but it was quickly on to experiencing and learning more releases.

    One of the things I like most sharing Emmett Technique with small groups is being able to help everyone, even with hands on to get the best out of the course.

    It is a full on day of learning and the ladies where still having fun at the end when they received their certificates, I hope that this is just the start of their Emmett journeys as all expressed interest in the practitioners course.


    “an eye opener “

    “Very very interesting – an eye opener to what even a layman can actually achieve”

    “Well thought, clear, concise, humorous professional well supported throughout”

    “It was a great day, training was superb”

    “Absolutely brilliant for adding to my skillset”

    Thank you ladies, it’s been an honour to help start you on your Emmett Technique journey – Jill & Paul

    All feedback from the EMM-Tech courses is anonymously given, so participants can be honest