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EMM-Tech Courses November 2018


    Its fun when another practitioner joins us

    We held two courses in November, the first one was scheduled with a single participant and we were lucky to be joined by another nearby EMMETT practitioner so the course went ahead, and we had so much fun that we forgot to take any photographs, it was a truly fabulous day which everyone got benefit from and hopefully a future EMMETT practitioner

    Course for a local group of reflexologists

    The second one was a privately organised course arranged after we gave a talk to a group of reflexologists in Farnham.
    Thank you to our lovely host for the day, we had some nice results and demonstrated how the releases can be added into their existing therapy toolkits.

    We got some very kind feedback from these courses

    “..good to be able to self-help”

    “very interesting and so good to be able to self-help – It will be easy to use with my other treatments”

    “fits into reflexology nicely”

    “Very well presented and demonstrated course.
    Technique so effective, can’t wait to try it out”

    “Enjoyable day – Thank you”

    “As a reflexologist it will ad a different angle to helping my clients.
    Also will benefit family, son who picks up football injuries, husband who car races & daughter who has problematic knees”

    All feedback from the EMM-Tech courses is anonymously given, so participants can be honest