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Bow-EMM Therapy

what do we offer

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We combine EMMETT Technique with Bowen Therapy uniquely for you, to ease pain & discomfort.
To improve physical balance & stability. To make movement more comfortable. To simply relax & release tension.

We call our combined bodywork Bow-EMM therapy. It’s gentle and quick, suitable for all ages and every session is aimed at getting a positive results for you.
We are Jill & Paul Dagless, and we use our therapy on each other so know the benefits first hand.


About Bow-EMM Therapy

We get lots of questions about what we do and hopefully this will answer the most common ones –

Bow-EMM Therapy is what we call the combination of therapies we offer, and it’s also our business name.

EMMETT Technique is the creation of Ross Emmett, we also use Ross Emmett’s understanding of Bowen Therapy, having attended masterclasses with Ross in how best to combine these techniques into a quick, gentle yet effective hands-on therapy, to help ease pain and discomfort, to relax & release tension in muscular tissue of your body, to encourage release of retained fluid & swelling, making it an ideal therapy to be added to your health management toolkit for maintenance.

Every Bow-EMM session is results driven and uniquely tailored for you

We individually tailor your session to address your unique needs at the time we see you, providing a gentle effective therapy, to release tension in muscle groups, to ease pain & discomfort.

EMMETT Technique is a safe, simple therapy using light finger pressure, to release muscle tension, to address pain & discomfort, to improve movement restrictions, & to restore balance & stability.

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive therapy we usually use to relax the whole body, releasing areas of tension & promoting the bodies natural self-correcting and healing abilities.

As Bow-EMM Therapy we use both therapies in any combination to achieve a positive difference for you during your session

We can offer short EMMETT Technique sessions that target specific issue, these are particularly popular at events, where clients are usually seated or standing 

At some event we are also able to have a couch and offer full body sessions, these are particularly useful for EMMETT lymphatics or combined Bowen & EMMETT sessions and to aid full relaxation.

Bow-EMM is for anyone experiencing pain & discomfort or balance and movement issues.

If you experience pain, whether from sports, activities, work (either heavy or repetitive) or health issues, especially if you just put them down to ‘aging’ or ‘old injuries’ you may find Bow-EMM valuable..

EMMETT Technique’s results are often improved with continued movement and working, so can safely be added into a rigorous training or active work schedule.
EMMETT Technique Lymphatics sequences that may be beneficial for sinus congestion and the lymphatics, reducing fluid retention and can also be offered as a relaxing full body session especially; have one regularly for maintenance.

Bowen is used more for full body sessions to assess and start releasing tension, and it’s a relaxing session to experience.

Bow-EMM is also great as ‘first aid’ to help recover quickly from some of life’s mishaps or simply when you’ve ‘overdone it’ – ask us about learning some EMMETT Technique ‘first-aid’ releases on the EMM-Tech course

EMMETT Technique uses light pressure to safely & simply release areas of tension in the soft tissue

The EMMETT Technique is based on the belief that light touch can trigger a relaxation response in the soft tissue of the body, and the therapist may help relieve tensions resulting in feelings of improved comfort within the body. It may be enjoyed by people of all ages, from babies to the elderly. Many people find they feel more at ease within their body and emotional well-being is enhanced.

The relaxing nature of the technique results in people reporting typical responses such as:

  • improved comfort and ease within the area treated such as back, abdomen, hips, legs, knees, ankles, feet, shoulders, arm, hand and neck
  • more restful sleep
  • enhanced mood
  • a sense of lightness within their body

Bowen Therapy is a gently non-invasive therapy used to encourage self correction & relaxation of your whole body

We use ‘Tom Bowen Therapy’ which is Ross Emmett’s understanding of Tom Bowen’s basic technique as it was originally taught during the early Australian workshops in 1987/8

TBT comprises a series of gentle moves, which encourages your body to self correct and relax, whilst allowing us to assess your body for tensio.  The use of small time delays allow your brain/body to re-evaluate and may result in release of tension and a state of body relaxation.

Bow-EMM Therapy is for everybody of any age

Bow-EMM is so gentle that we can use it on all ages from newborn to the elderly, and adapt our session to each clients needs, from a child on the floor through able bodied to disabled in a wheelchair

Most of our clients book with us to ease specific pain and discomfort from injuries or recurring issues, many choose to have regular maintenance sessions to maintain wellbeing. 

We also work with clients who have more longer term or chronic conditions, helping to ease symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Bow-EMM Therapy sessions are convenient and clothed

Bow-EMM is usually applied through light weight clothing or directly on skin, with the client be standing, seated or lying down on a therapy couch.
Most sessions are around 20-30 minutes, however sometimes only a few minutes is needed and occasionally over 30 minutes.

Bow-EMM is a very portable therapy, because a therapy couch is not essential, and is useful where clients may have mobility issues.

Another result of combining techniques seems to be fewer initial sessions for relief, sometimes only one or two, and longer between maintenance sessions, making Bow-EMM your ‘goto’ affordable therapy.

What does Bow-EMM Therapy treat

Bow-EMM therapy, including EMMETT Technique and Bowen therapy, does not directly treat any condition and is NOT intended to replace or substitute any medical advice or treatment.

We recommend you consult your own General Practitioner or health care professional about any health concerns or issues.

About Ross Emmett, founder of EMMETT Technique

Ross Emmett is a remarkable Australian with an unique set of abilities (some might call it a gift) as a therapist and practitioner; he’s also been an instructor of massage & Bowen therapy, so it’s no surprise that he wants to share the wealth of knowledge about his own very unique technique now known as EMMETT Technique

In the video below Ross Emmett is talking about and demonstrating his technique. This was filmed at a talk about EMM-Tech in Wales at a Social Care Expo, so most of the audience are involved in caring & nursing professions

Ross Emmett at Social Care Expo in Wales 2012 – a great fun example of what EMMETT can achieve “Little touches that create changes”

Ross’s time in Mt Isa, serving clients who had come in from the remote Australian outback for relief of pain, encouraged Ross to evolve fast, effective ways of relieving pain that also gave long-term relief – these Ross now teaches as EMMETT Technique – the chameleon approach to the body.

Ross also taught some of the most useful of these methods to clients in very remote areas, such-as cattle stations, mines or isolated communities, so they could be used as ‘first-aid’ and self help – these have become the EMM-Tech Course which can be learned by anybody to help ease pain & discomfort.  <more about EMM-Tech here>

Drawing on having been a senior instructor of Bowen Therapy (1997-2006) and years of practical experience, Ross now also teaches his own understanding and interpretation of Bowen Technique as Tom Bowen’s Therapy 101 (TBT)

Ross positively encourages therapists to integrate EMMETT Technique with their other therapies, to enhance their outcomes by adapting each session to best suit every individual client, so also holds courses in the ways to integrate EMMETT Technique with other therapies including TBT

<more videos about Ross Emmett and EMMETT Technique>

<more about Ross Emmett from his website>


Jill Dagless

T: 077401 90721

Paul Dagless

T: 077644 88329

Reviews from clients

What our clients say

‘Give it a go..’

“Well what can I say – I have been visiting Jill for months and I was having problems with both feet and my knee and at some points I could not walk and sometimes I had to use a walking stick due to the pain. I was told about Jill and Paul, paid her a visit and I could not believe the results I got with a couple of visits. I now go and see Jill as often as I can to keep up the work she has done and I am pain free and can walk for miles which is something I could not have done before.

Believe me when I say GIVE IT A Go, you will be surprised.!”


at events

“Very good relief from so many areas was great”

DAVID BAYNE, Castle Rd, 2022

Thank you I can move now”

BEVERLEY, Victorious Festival 2021

“Eased Shoulder pain
Thank you”

SHARON, Victorious Festival 2022

back pain eased

I’ve suffered from back pain for ages and I’m due to have lumber injections in a few months. I see a physio twice a month and also an osteopath once a month but my pain is often unbearable (especially nerve pain) I was very sceptical about alternative therapy like this, but thought it was worth a try so visited Jill just under a week ago. Even during the therapy I found it hard to believe some of the things she was doing would help but I can honestly say even though my backs not cured (I didn’t expect it to be) It’s not felt this good in around a year.
So if you’re really struggling like I was I’d highly recommend giving this therapy a try.

Billy Bessey, on Facebook page

Ready to book your session?

Book online with Jill or contact 07740190721
Book with Paul email or contact 07764 488329

what do we offer

Sessions offered

Combined session

Our original signature combined EMMETT Technique and Bowen Therapy – tailored for you to check & balance the whole body, great for muscular tension and specific issues, also for relaxation and maintenance. Also called ‘MOT & Service’ by some of my clients

Venue: The Grove Centre

Appointment: 45 minutes

Price: £65

Jill – full combined session at an event
The room at The Grove Centre

Advanced Lymphatics

Advanced Lymphatics – fabulous for fluid retention, for supporting chronic conditions, before and after surgeries, giving your body a boost as well as relaxing, have a regular session to maintain wellness.

Venue: The Grove Centre

Appointment: 45 minutes

Price: £65

EMMETT Technique
Single Issue

Previously only available at events, this short session is ideal for addressing those single issues that trouble us all from time to time, and only need a ‘tweak’, often called the 10 minute EMMETT.

Venue: The Grove Centre

Appointment: 20 minutes

Price: £45

Paul – Standing EMMETT Technique session at an event.
Paul – seated EMMETT Technique sessions at an event

Pauls EMMETT to you

Available with Paul, who will come to you providing an EMMETT Technique session to assist you.

Venue: Your home or place of work

Appointment: 30 minutes

incl 10 miles

Price: £65


Appointments available at:

The Grove Centre

15 Osborne Road

The Grove Centre is on the corner of Shaftesbury Road and Osborne Road, the room is situated on the ground floor, so is easily accessible.

There is nearby on street parking, between 1 to 3 hours, as well as pay-and-display car park opposite The Queens Hotel.

It is ideally located for an after session walk & breath of fresh air on the seafront.


Appointment Cancellations:

Cancellation by client:

Clients who need to cancel or re-schedule appointments are requested to give at least 2 working days notice, (Monday-Friday)
Appointments cancelled by client without at least 2 working days notice may be charged the full fee for that appointment as per invoice payable immediately.

Non-attendance by client:

None attendance to appointment without notification will be charged the full fee for that appointment, invoice payable within 7 days.
New clients who fail to attend without notification will be requested to make full non-refundable payment in advance before another appointment is booked,  this will not be refunded if the client again fails to attend.

Cancellation by us:

On the rare occasions we have to cancel your appointment, we will do our best to re-arrange to a convenient time with you.
We may also ask if you wish to change therapist where only one of us may be unavailable.
Should we be held up on our way to your appointment, we will do our best to notify you as long as it’s safe to do so.