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Big Cat Sanctuary 2018


    An unmissable opportunity

    We didn’t plan on attending this event in Kent, then we were asked at the last minute to help out on the EMMETT Technique stand, raising funds for the Big Cat Sanctuary Open days in 2018, so we couldn’t resist. We decided to take a mini-break and found a nice campsite in the area too.

    We arrived early before the event opened, so after we’d helped set-up we got the chance to wander round and see the cats (pictures below), and manage to see some of the displays on during the day too.

    Saturday was a lovely day and we got to share EMMETT with some interested people, 100% of our fees going to the Sanctuary. I had to smile at being called ‘young lady’ in a testimonial I received – thank you

    Sunday was a wet & very windy day, that turned quite challenging when the tents provided collapsed & blew away in a strong gust of  wind, thank you so much for the help from the folk with people we were treating and the team at the Sanctuary, we relocated to a corner of a refreshment tent. Despite that we still had some interest. Paul was asked to go over to the First Aid tent to assist a lady, by her family, and he was able to help her be more comfortable.

    Despite the adventures we had a lovely weekend.

    We got some very kind feedback from these clients

    “..walked without a stick.”

    “Very approachable young lady Jill who did a taster, then I returned to have a session. Felt better, getting on and off a chair and walked without a stick”

    Sonya B

    ” Good to try something different that makes a difference!”


    All clients feedback is in their own words and published with their permission.
    We wish to stress that our therapies DO NOT treat illnesses, diseases, syndromes or medical conditions. Every individual is as unique as are their experiences with our techniques.
    Paul working on Anne
    White lionesses
    Angela working with a client
    Anne checking a balance
    Anne working with one of the dogs
    then working with the handler
    while I got sat on!
    The same dog working demonstration later
    Amasia kept an eye on us!
    Willow with her ice lolly