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since 2010

We are Jill & Paul Dagless

We both know how pain can quickly cause disruption in life, in 2000 I found Bowen Therapy which resolved my chronic pain after whiplash from two minor car accidents; in 2005 I took Paul to my Bowen practitioner to help his chronic knee pain (after a failed knee replacement) which helped him enormously. Both of us became advocates as Bowen helped us over many of the things that life throws at us, that ends as back pain, neck & shoulder pain, knee pain, hip pain etc..

I qualified in Bowen Technique in 2008 and the year after we both experienced EMMETT Technique on an EMM-Tech Course and we were so blown away we had to train to share this amazing results driven, light pressure muscle release therapy to quickly and simply ease pain.

We call our combined hands-on bodywork Bow-EMM therapy, because it’s a combination of EMMETT Technique and Bowen Therapy. It’s gentle and quick, suitable for all ages and every session is uniquely tailored to get a positive difference for you.

We are Jill & Paul Dagless, and we use our therapy on each other so know the benefits first hand.

Jill checking balance at Victorious Festival 2021
Jill – EMM-Tech course 2022
Advanced Emmett Technique practitioner, tutor & bowen therapist

About Jill

I became a therapist after is discovering Bowen Therapy, which effectively saved me from living in chronic pain, after two car accidents in two days.

I cannot take painkillers, and over the last 30+ years I’ve found holistic and complementary therapies to help support my own wellbeing, so I know first hand how beneficial these therapies can be.

When Bowen transformed my life I wanted to learn it to help others and it’s a privilege to be able to assist other people, adding EMMETT Technique to my skill set allows me to get better results, more quickly for my clients and has made a difference to many folk including my own.

Paul – EMM-Tech course 2022

About Paul

After some painful injuries in my earlier life which resulted in ongoing back and knee problems. I was introduced to the Bowen therapy by Jill.

I took the one day EMMTech course with Jill and subsequently was so taken with it that I went on to become an Advanced EMMETT Technique Practitioner.

During the year you will find me at some of the local music festival’s and health events in our marquee treating all kinds of movement, restrictions and pain issues with this light touch non invasive approach to the body.

I also intend to offer a local mobile appointment facility usually within 15 miles of Portsmouth for those who are unable to make it to the clinic or get to any of the events through out the year.

who we are and how we work

How may we help you?

Whether you have an single recent issue or a longer term condition to manage, we’re here to assist you

The beauty of our therapy is that after you experience your first session, you will then be able to assess how best we can help you going forward.

Some clients may only need one session to ease pain, say from overdoing, a minor injury or regular flare-up (back pain anyone?), some may need a follow up session for any residual issues.
Some choose to have regular maintenance sessions which may be weekly for those managing conditions, to ease unavoidable issues that may be work related or prevent recurrence.
Some book sessions every second or third week or monthly to maintain comfort and wellness or as a prevantative measure , for example after a major illness &/ surgery where fluid retention may be a concern (this is what Lymphatics is ideal for!)

We also help each other so ‘walk our talk’ with regular sessions on each other.


Don’t take our word for it!

Hi Paul

Thank you so much for your first aid treatment yesterday.
As you are aware I had twisted my ankle in a pothole in the road.
My colleague sought a First Aider to ascertain if I had done more than a sprain as I couldn’t put my foot fully on the floor and it had started to swell.

You came to see me and explained about the Bow-EMM technique and then applied this to my foot and ankle.
I could not believe the amazing results from your therapy!!
Within 10 minutes I was able to put weight on my foot and begin to walk about. This continued through the afternoon.
Over the next 2 days my foot has recovered significantly and I cannot believe how effective your treatment was.

I am now going to book an appointment at your practice to address other more long standing aches and stiffness in my shoulders and lower back.

Thank you very much – feel free to use whatever quotes you need for your website.

Good wishes
Jackie Robinson

Reply From Paul:
Thank you Jackie, I was glad to be able to help with EMMETT Technique

“As a regular client of Jill’s for the last seven years, I really can’t speak highly enough of her care and support through EMMETT Technique and Bowen Therapy. She has successfully supported me to manage my long term condition of Torticollis (neck spasms) and since receiving her treatment I have experienced a reduction in the symptoms and associated discomfort.

She has also been fantastic in using her techniques when in need of calm and provided a wee bit of counselling along the way (at no additional cost!).

Genuinely life transforming and lovely person….thanks Jill!!”

Thank you Lisa

LISA RODGERS, Case Manager at SSE plc
via LinkedIn

Wow – feel much better!
Overwhelmed by festival noise!
Thought my head was going to explode

“It was an honour to be able to help” – Jill

LUCY, Wickham Festival 2022

one of my favourite reviews and so humbled to be able to help

Ready to book your session?

Book online with Jill or contact 07740190721
Book with Paul email or contact 07764 488329

what do we offer

Sessions offered

Combined session

Our original signature combined EMMETT Technique and Bowen Therapy – tailored for you to check & balance the whole body, great for muscular tension and specific issues, also for relaxation and maintenance. Also called ‘MOT & Service’ by some of my clients

Venue: The Grove Centre

Appointment: 45 minutes

Price: £65

Jill – full combined session at an event
The room at The Grove Centre

Advanced Lymphatics

Advanced Lymphatics – fabulous for fluid retention, for supporting chronic conditions, before and after surgeries, giving your body a boost as well as relaxing, have a regular session to maintain wellness.

Venue: The Grove Centre

Appointment: 45 minutes

Price: £65

EMMETT Technique
Single Issue

Previously only available at events, this short session is ideal for addressing those single issues that trouble us all from time to time, and only need a ‘tweak’, often called the 10 minute EMMETT.

Venue: The Grove Centre

Appointment: 20 minutes

Price: £45

Paul – Standing EMMETT Technique session at an event.
Paul – seated EMMETT Technique sessions at an event

Pauls EMMETT to you

Available with Paul, who will come to you providing an EMMETT Technique session to assist you.

Venue: Your home or place of work

Appointment: 30 minutes

incl 10 miles

Price: £65