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Pain? Discomfort? Stressed?

Gentle bodywork to ease pain and discomfort

by appointment in Portsmouth and Southsea

Combining EMMETT Technique & Bowen Therapy uniquely for every client,
for a positive difference in every session

Welcome to Bow-EMM Therapy with Jill & Paul

We combine EMMETT Technique with Bowen Therapy uniquely for you, to ease pain & discomfort. To improve physical balance & stability. To make movement more comfortable. To simply relax & release tension. To reduce inflammation
We call our combined bodywork Bow-EMM therapy. It’s gentle and quick, performed through light clothing and suitable for all ages and every session is aimed at getting a positive results for you.

We are Jill & Paul Dagless, and we use our therapy on each other so know the benefits first hand.

Appointments available at:

The Grove Centre,
Osborne Rd,
PO5 3LB.

Also at various events


Bow-EMM Therapy

We combine bodywork aiming to restore the balance and proper function of the musculoskeletal system and soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Using these light pressure techniques we aim to reduce pain, increase circulation, and improve mobility, which can lead to improved overall health and well-being.

The EMMETT Technique is based on the belief that light touch can trigger a relaxation response in the soft tissue of the body, and the therapist may help relieve tensions resulting in feelings of improved comfort within the body.
Bowen Therapy consists of a series of gentle moves, which allows the therapist to assess the muscle tissue for inconsistencies whilst giving the body opportunity to self correct and relax muscles .


Full body or targeted session

We keep it simple offering a full body session, which can be used as needed or for regular wellbeing maintenance, or a single issue targeted session.


Southsea appointments

Appointments available at The Grove Centre, an Accessible room in the heart of Southsea, with nearby parking.


What our clients say

‘Give it a go..’

“Well what can I say – I have been visiting Jill for months and I was having problems with both feet and my knee and at some points I could not walk and sometimes I had to use a walking stick due to the pain. I was told about Jill and Paul, paid her a visit and I could not believe the results I got with a couple of visits. I now go and see Jill as often as I can to keep up the work she has done and I am pain free and can walk for miles which is something I could not have done before.

Believe me when I say GIVE IT A Go, you will be surprised.!”


at events

“Very good relief from so many areas was great”

DAVID BAYNE, Castle Rd, 2022

Thank you I can move now”

BEVERLEY, Victorious Festival 2021

“Eased Shoulder pain
Thank you”

SHARON, Victorious Festival 2022

back pain eased

I’ve suffered from back pain for ages and I’m due to have lumber injections in a few months. I see a physio twice a month and also an osteopath once a month but my pain is often unbearable (especially nerve pain) I was very sceptical about alternative therapy like this, but thought it was worth a try so visited Jill just under a week ago. Even during the therapy I found it hard to believe some of the things she was doing would help but I can honestly say even though my backs not cured (I didn’t expect it to be) It’s not felt this good in around a year.
So if you’re really struggling like I was I’d highly recommend giving this therapy a try.

Billy Bessey, on Facebook page

bow-emm therapy

Why choose us

Experience the difference

It really is best to experience our therapy, describing doesn’t do justice how quickly & gently a body can respond.

Gentle results

Each session is gentle and uniquely tailored to your needs at that time for a positive result.
And all with you clothes on

All ages

Suitable for everyone at any age, for the whole family (it’s even used on animals)

I have had Emmett from both Jill and Paul and can’t recommend them enough. Feel amazing after and never knew my movement was so restricted til after treatment. Thank you both.😁

LISA WOOD, Google review

When I first heard of Bow-EMM Therapy I wasn’t sure what to think and if it would help me. I have now had many sessions and it’s just amazing! I suffer from lower back pain and a very painful right hip and this therapy has helped me so much. After my first session I actually felt taller! Jill and Paul are very caring and experienced therapists and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

RACHEL WOODISSE, Google review

EMM-Tech Courses

Anyone can learn – a very useful skill at your fingertips

EMM-Tech Courses

Learn 11 of the most useful releases for many day-to-day muscular ‘niggles’. Anybody can learn these releases to use on themselves, family & friends. It’s a fantastic skill to have literally at your fingertips

See past courses and what participants said

Past Courses

Check out our past courses over the last 12 years and see what our participants have had to say. We usually have lots of fun on our courses and often forget to take pictures.

emm-tech courses

Why choose us for EMM-Tech

Hands-on learning

We guide you through every release so you’re confident to use EMMETT Technique.

Small Groups

We prefer a maximum of 4 participants, so you get lots of support and individual attention.

Dates to suit you

With a minimum of two participants, we can even hold a course on a date to suit you and a friend.